Boscov’s Is Hiring

Boscov’s is now accepting applications for Department Managers and an HR Manager. All inquiries should be sent to ehT.moc.svocsob@sreerac Interviewing Center will begin August 15th, Tuesday – Thursday, 10am-6pm, at the Meadowbrook Mall.

11 Things You Shouldn’t Include on Your Resume

Space is at a premium when writing your resume, so make room for the things you want a hiring manager to know about you by prioritizing items that can improve your chances of getting hired. By leaving off the things that hiring managers don’t need to know, your resume should present you as a compelling applicant.

In this article, we discuss what to leave out when editing your resume.

Region VI Mobile AJC 2022

The Region VI American Job Center is on the move! Starting in June of 2022, Region VI started the Mobile American Job Center, traveling to the more rural areas in our 13-county service region.

6 women cutting a red ribbon

Region VI Career Clothing Closet

The Region VI Career Clothing Closet will allow partner program participants to obtain business casual and business professional attire from a wide variety of gently used clothing, donated by business professionals within our region.

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