Excel Together West Virginia – CSM Certificate

Excel Together West Virginia is a new statewide initiative that provides every West Virginian with an opportunity to build their skills and earn a certification that gains college credit and is recognized in hiring.

Excel Together West Virginia introduces the CSM Certificate backed by the self-paced, online CSM Course. CSM uses the world’s most-advanced personalized educational technology to help people of ALL academic abilities succeed. The CSM Course is free for all adults in West Virginia, including a personal coach.

Excel Together West Virginia aims to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by providing skills and a credential that allow them to grasp for opportunities, and by building their belief in themselves and their communities.

One online course, free for adults, gets you:

  • College math credit – enter (or re-enter) college with math in the rearview mirror
  • Training or refreshing key skills for those who may not have completed high school or been out of school for years
  • High Performance skills – supercharge your performance at work and open career possibilities
  • Recognition in hiring from West Virginia employers
  • Confidence and momentum to get unstuck in your education and career

To learn more or register, visit: www.exceltogetherwv.org

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