How to sign a document on your phone

Learn how to sign documents on your Android or iPhone


  1. Download and install the Adobe Acrobat App (you can create a free account)
  2. Open the PDF Document from your email with the Adobe Acrobat App
  3. Create your signature:
    • Click “Fill & Sign”
    • Click the “pen icon”
    • Add your signature and/or initials and click “Done”
  4. Complete the PDF and signature
  5. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner. From there, you can save the completed document.


  1. Open the attachment in your email app
  2. Sign the document
  3. Click “Done”
  4. Save to Files
  5. Either Respond to the email or create a new message and attached the signed document

Using the Markup feature on iPhone:

  1. Open the Mail App – Start by opening the Mail app, as this is where you’ll be using the Markup feature. It syncs right into the email interface, so the process isn’t complicated.
  2. Choose to Reply to an Email or Compose a New One – After opening the app, decide whether you’re responding to an email you’ve received or sent a new one out. Either way is fine, as it’s simply a matter of attaching your document to the email in question. The Markup feature will allow you to attach your digital signature to the document.
  3. Add Your Signature to the Document – To add your digital signature to your document, start by tapping the body of your email. After doing so, tap the cursor, and select “Insert Photo or Video Attachment.” Scroll through the options and look for the document button: find the PDF document you want to sign.
  4. Once you’ve identified the PDF document, tap it, and tap the left arrow button. Then, tap the “Markup” button, and press the plus symbol to add your digital signature to the document.
  5. You can decide whether you want to type your signature or draw it. You can also add additional information if the document requires it.
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