James Mohr – Gilmer County

James was enrolled in the Youth Ready Program on August 24, 2022. While enrolled, James obtained a 1-year Manual Machining Certificate, 2 Year CNC Machining Certificate, 11 NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) Certificates & an ACE CNC Boot Camp Certificate through RCBI. Then he went on to Mountwest Community and Technical College (partner of Marshall University), graduated with a 4.0 and obtained his associate degree in CNC Machining. He participated in an internship through Mountwest that allowed him to gain additional skills, which led to a 6-month apprenticeship program with Marshall University Advanced Manufacturing Center as a machinist. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, James obtained full-time employment at Marshall University Advanced Manufacturing Center as a CNC Machinist/Technical Trainer. James plans on furthering is education by obtaining a bachelor’s in engineering and is in the process of deciding which college to attend. The Youth Ready Program provided James with extra financial support in the form of classroom stipends, certificate incentives, and travel reimbursement, so that he could focus more on obtaining an education.

James Mohr: “The Youth Ready Program allowed me to focus on learning as much as possible. The extra financial support allowed me to take extra classes that advanced my career, rather than having to work more than one job. Ultimately, it was a huge contribution to help get me to where I am today.”

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