Jada – Gilmer County

Jada was enrolled in the Youth Ready Program on March 25, 2023. While enrolled, she obtained an Associate Degree in Pastry & Baking Arts through Fairmont State University. She also obtained her Serv Safe Certificate and Food Handler’s Card. She completed an internship at Bridgeport Conference Center as a Baker. She also completed 2 Occupational Experience work contracts at Glenville Nutrition, one as a Barista and one as a supervisor. After her OE’s were complete, she obtained employment at the Stonewall Resort Lightburns Restaurant. While working at Lightburns Restaurant, Jada will continue baking on the side as she works on building her own pastry business. Jada was faced with long travel times to and from training and her internship and was supported by the Youth Ready Program by being provided with classroom stipend and travel reimbursement. Jada did a phenomenal job at managing her time and excelling in both work and training.

Jada Gray: “The Youth Ready Program has helped me in several ways. My career planner helped me find employment where I learned skills pertaining to my goal of opening up my own bakery. The class stipend I received helped support me financially so I did not have to work as much and could spend more time focusing on furthering my education. I also received financial assistance to help with traveling to and from training. This is a program I would recommend to any youth that is seeking help.”

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