Billie Hartley – Marion County

I was introduced to the WIOA program in 2020, and have found it to be a great experience for me. I lost my job in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. At the time, I cleaned at a law office so when all of the employees started working from home there was no further need for cleaners.

I was told about WIOA from Workforce West Virginia and chose to attend West Virginia Junior College’s Medical Billing and Coding training program with the help of WIOA tuition assistance. I am now a certified Medical Coding Specialist with my associate’s degree. 

WIOA has been such a blessing for me as I am a single mom trying to better the life of my family. I have always had high hopes and big dreams for my life, and am looking forward to where my new education and career will take us.

I could never have afforded or been able to complete this program without the help of the WIOA program. Thanks so much to all involved in making this happen for folks like me that just need a little help. You all and this program have been such a great blessing for me.

-Billie Hartley

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